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Reviews From Facebook

  • Hamza looked after us on our trip to Morocco. He organised trips to the mountains, quad bike tour, camel rides and trips to the souks. We all had a great time and found Hamza to be friendly, reliable and great company. We would highly recommend him.


    Mina Urmila
    United Kingdom
  • When I lost my SIM card, Hamza helps me to buy and charge the SIM card, he is very helpful, kind and nice guys. And he needs to drive 5-10hours on every day, take a photo for all of the people, visit the city and explain the culture. He did a safe trip for me. Now, he is my best friend in Morocco.

    Sara Sum
    Hong Kong
  • Lovely experience in Morocco, we enjoy so much in this country, we have a good driver, he become my fd in Morocco, than you very much, hope to see you in Hong Kong.




    Chiu Alexander
    Hong Kong

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